First Barn Dance at the Reconstructed Bell Barn


The magnificent wooden loft of the reconstructed Bell Barn was the site for a really good foot-stompin olde tyme barn dance on October 2, 2010. The original loft was used to store tons of hay for the horses stabled below; now it was the scene for 125 people who could dance to their heart's content. Moving to the music of Ken Runge and Friends of Edenwold, no one seemed to want to quit dancing - so that was a good sign. Proceeds of about $2,500 will go towards paying off the remainder of the Bell Barn reconstruction costs.

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Ken Runge and Friends of Edenwold: Played from the centre of the loft, and provided great entertainment for the occasion.
Dancers moved around the loft.
Snack Time. Midway through the evening, a very welcome refreshment break.
More Dancing Then one more round of dancing to wear off those calories and close off a perfect evening.

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